Northern Africa

Northern Africa consists of the upper third of the continent bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on its west, the Mediterranean Sea to the north, and the Red Sea and Asia to the east. The Sahara desert makes most of northern Africa.

The Ottoman Empire claims much of northern Africa, though, even the expansive Musselmen empire have enough power and men to truly control all of what they claim. Many desert tribes and nomads such as the Berber roam the sands and Pirates of Barbary Coast are a constant threat to all ships traveling on the southwest Mediterranean.

Despite the generally inhospitable and hostile conditions of Sahara, many overland trade routes cross from central Africa north to the Mediterranean. These routes are used by caravans who travel from oasis communities that thrive as trade hubs.

Points of Interest


Alexandria This was once the capital of Egypt but has since been surpassed in both power and population by Cairo further to the south.

Baia di Stefano

Barbary Coast


Cairo Located 100 miles south of the mouth of the Nile River Delta is the capital of Egypt and has a population of over 150,000.

City of Snakes

Sahara Desert



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Northern Africa

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