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This part of the wiki was created so players (and the characters) have easy access to information about the game and setting world so they desire to read it. The Solomon Kane stories, players are encouraged to read any all in the Player’s Information section, but won’t be hindered in game if they don’t.

House Rules Here is a living list of rules added or changed from the original rules. Please note, for this campaign will be using the Savage Worlds Deluxe rules with the Savage World of Solomon Kane information supplementing it.

Archetypes This is a list of roles or occupations to help player create their character. This campaign will very much be a pulp action-horror like the Howard stories, but the vision for this game is to further combine the Lovecraft/Howard worlds. As such, player group should try to have characters that fill the following roles: Academic (expert in History, Languages & Cultures, Occult, and Research), Medicine (able heal wounds & cure disease, as well as, perform forensics on injures and dead bodies), Rumors (a social person able to suss out strange stories & weird tales), Skullduggery (a person able to break into places). All characters are expected to hold their own against fear and combat in their own way.

New Hindrances This list of new Edges available for this campaign for players to select for their characters in addition to those found in the Savage Worlds Deluxe book and Solomon Kane setting book. Players are also free to discuss additional new Hindrances with the Game Master. Please note that in this campaign most, if not all, Bennies will be awarded during sessrion are from the character’s Hindrances complicating their adventures. Players should look for ways to introduce and remind the GM when you are Hindering your character with them.

Magic In this campaign magic is by and large a dark force and at best a primeval force of the universe that is always dangerous to wield. Players considering making characters with either of the Arcane Background Edges should take that into consideration when making their characters.

The Savage World of Solomon Kane

This section provides information about the world for this campaign that is available to the players to read over if they choose.

Old World Made up Europe and Asia to the Ural Mountains this region of the world may be the most familiar to Wanderers but is perhaps the most dangerous.

The Dark Continent Africa a land of extremes with the great Sahara desert to the deep Congo jungles to the rolling savannahs this place is as dangerous as they come. There are horrors that have existed here that were old when Babylonia was young.

New World The Americas are virgin territories for European empires to increase their power with new treasures and colonies. The white man hasn’t yet learned of the dark powers that the natives have long since learned to avoid in the endless forests and jungles.

The Orient This region consists of Persia, Hindoostan, Cathay, and the Far East. The region of the world has been know by Europeans for centuries now but is unknown. Here are some the oldest, highly developed civilizations and culture of mankind. Yet under a thin veneer, immense supernatural power and ancient evil lurk.

Game Master’s Section

This area of the wiki is off limits to the players except permission by the game master.

Artifacts and Relics This is a list of both real world and Solomon Kane specific artifacts and relics. The list includes the item, a brief history and thoughts on where the item could be found. Many of the items are already listed under the items tab, but they may be GM only.

Beasts and Monsters This section list additional notes on beasts and monsters found in the Savage World of Solomon Kane in addition to any new ones created for this campaign.

Adventures This is a list of all of the Solomon Kane adventures as well as which book and page they can be found. Some of the adventures will have notes that expand upon the adventure or in the case of original adventures, the actual adventure. Visiting game masters are free to take any and all original adventures and use them as they see fit for their games.

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