Geographically Russia is the largest country in the world though much of its territory is made of almost unlivable frozen tundra. However, the country topography is extremely varied due the nation’s large size. Within its borders are great broad-leafed and pine forests (taiga), grassland steppes, frigid tundra, and semi-arid deserts (near the Caspian Sea). Most of western Russia is dense woodlands in the north and open grassland plains to the south. There are several rivers throughout Russia the connect to the Baltic, Black, and Caspain Seas as well as the Arctic Ocean.

The ruler of Russia is Tsar Laduslaus IV Vasa. Despite the son of the King of Poland, Russia is entrenched in a war with Poland partly due to the Vasa’s conversion to Russian Orthodoxy, the country’s primary faith, from his father’s devout Catholic beliefs.

Points of Interest

Moscow This has long since been the capital of Russia through its many historical incarnations. Despite the many conflicts and wars, the city manages a population of almost 200,000.

New Kholmogory What would later be-renamed Arkhangelsk was founded by Ivan the Terrible less than a century ago. It is Moscow’s sole link to sea trade.

Cultural Information

  • Some Russian superstitions are: Breaking a mirror or looking at one’s reflection in broken mirror is bad luck. It is a bad omen to return home to retrieve a forgotten item (it one must, they should look in a mirror before leaving again). It is bed luck to step over prone bodies. It is good luck to trip on you own left foot. Taking off your coat and putting it back on with your off hand protects against hexes. Pinning a broach inside your clothing helps protects against curses.


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