Marias d Tarascon

The Colony of Marias d’Tarascon

Points of Interest

1. Pleine Lune (Full Moon) Inn: This is the only building that travelers and sailors stay when in Marais d’Tarascon. It appears to the colony’s oldest building. A low but sturdy wooden fence surrounds the large, two-story building with an attached stable. The Inn serves as a meeting place and tavern for the colonists especially in dark times where people seek the comfort of ale and others. Food is served from early in the morning until a respectable hour at night. Rooms can be rented both by the day and the week.
Persons of Note:
Jerald Bascolm, Owner/Operator,
Henrietta Bascolm, Wife of Jerald,
Lillin Bascolm Daughter of Jerald,
Jerald Basolm, Jr.
Duncan d’Lute, Treasure Hunter, Duncan is a treasure hunter who was too badly injured to travel when his ship left a few weeks ago. He broke is leg attempting to climb over the wall into the Cemetery.

2. Bakery: Operated by Louise d’Cann she makes bread, cakes, rolls, and candies, her specialty being licorice candy that she has Pastor Brucian pick wild out of the swamp. He primary customers are: Mordu, Jean Tarascon, Pastor Brucian, as well as the Bordell children (all who enjoy her licorice candy).

3. Carpenter: Marcel Bordell is the colony’s carpenter. He builds cabinets and furniture. Outside his shop run hald a dozen children whom are his sons and daughters.
4. Pierot’s Cottage: He is the local cemetery expert outside the Tarascons. He believes that Marcel and Luc has disturbed something of ancient evil within the cemetery and now doomed the colony and wishes passage on the next ship out of Marias d’Tarascon. A successful Investigate or Streetwise roll reveal that the cemetery is well over 1000 years and is possibility of Atlantean origin.

5. Constable’s Cottage: Constable Henry Gremin maintains an office and home in this cottage. He does not like strangers and distrusts the Wanderers untimely arrival. His colony is in the vice-like grip of supernatural evil, and he knows no way to combat it. What is worst, is about two weeks ago his son died from a mysterious ailment. Before Gremin slain in only son who became a zombie, the creature murdered his wife. The deaths of his family and grisly murders and missing people have put the constable on the edge and he has become harsh in his enforcement of the law. He believes the murders and some of the missing people are connected. At many of the crime scenes licorice candy was found.

5a. Jail: Near the Constable’s Cottage is a simple stone building that serves as the colony jail. Door is barred only with a simple lock that easily can be picked with proper tools.

6. Mordu’s Cottage: Mordu, the colony’s eccentric, lives alone near the swamp. Unlike most colonists, he welcomes the Wanderers with open arms and friendly greetings. He does not seem the least bit nervous about the strange events of the last few weeks. On the contrary, he seems excited by it. He offers the Wanderers some of Louis d’Cann’s excellent licorice candy from an earthen jar. He has own theories about the mysterious deaths and disappearances. He an ancient African swamp god raised by a cult made of members of the colony and their cannibal allies from in the swamp. He thinks that the god has gotten beyond their control and seeks to destroy the colony for their hubris. He truly believes this and he makes the story sound as creditable as possible and even states he has proof if the Wanderers will return the next day. He is also an amateur scholar and has collected quite a library on the occult. Anyone who spends a few hours and succeeds at an Investigation roll, discovers a secret about a future adventure or similar information. If the Wanderers return for the evidence, Mordu showns them a battered journal he has hidden in the swamp with a passage on the The Cult of the Swamp God.

7. General Store: This larger, cluttered building is the colony’s general store. It is run by a short, stout man named Peppy Deruno and his family. He sells traveling equipment, foodstuffs, and household goods.

8. Blacksmith: The blacksmith is a large, powerful man named Jordi Lefevre. He is quiet and shy, and initially refuses to talk about anything but business. If there is a ruckus on any sort Jordi’s wife Nadine Lefevre runs out to discover what is happening.

9. Church: The church is one of the few building in the colony with an actual stone foundation which the wooden structure rest upon. The building itself is one of the better repaired buildings constructed with sturdy wood of he local trees and French oak double doors. Upon the high steeple (the tallest structure in the colony save the watch tower) is a large brass bell. Pastor Brucian is the colony priest. He is a Hugonaut, as is many of the colonists. His residence is a small shack built to the side of the church. If persuaded, he reluctantly describes recent events in the colony.

10. The Cemetery: To the southeast is a strange cemetery of construction far advance of the indigenous tribes of the area particularly given the apparent age of more than 1000 years. The stone gates have never been opened and anyone who climbed over the twelve foot tall stone walls described a foul fog that fills the entirety of the cemetery with few mausoleums and vaults rising from the dense mist. Any that dropped down into the cemetery to explore further never returned.

11. The Old Cemetery: No one alive the colony has stepped foot in either the main portion or no has ever been known to enter the more ancient part. The Wanderers are free to walk the main part (Area 10) of the cemetery among the dead. Because of the low water table, all the graves are sealed and locked in mausoleums. The architecture appears to be a combination of Egyptian, Roman, Chinese, and Indian styles.

12. Fiora’s Cottage: The old woman known as Fiora DePaul lives here.

13. Tarascon Townhouse: In addition to the plantation manor, the Tarascon family maintains this two-story home in the colony. Jean spends much of his time hiding here, planning ways to improve his family’s present situation.

14. Tailor Shop: Tomas Levi is the proprietor. He and his family make and repair all types of clothing. Tomas tries to interest the travelers in the latest clothing items from Paris, showing off gaudy fabrics and foppish patterns.

15. Tarascon Plantation: South of the Colony is the Tarascon Plantation manor. This is the open flat knoll that most of the colony’s food is grown. From a distance, the large building seems impressive.

Watch Tower: This is a 30 foot tall stone tower and light house for Marias d’Tarascon. A top the tower is a huge brazier used to build a bonfire to alert any boats of the coast during the night and thick fog. Also atop the watch tower is a large cannon with range well beyond any ship board guns.

Warehouse: Near the docks is a large wooden structure much like a barn that serves as the colony’s shipping warehouse.

Marias d Tarascon

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