Like much of Europe France is still reeling from the Black Plague and the hundred years war that occurred centuries earlier. Even now another bloody war between Catholics and Protestants in the Holy Roman Empire is spilling over into their borders. Recently, Henvy IV father of Louis XIII was assassinated by a fanacitcal Catholic leaving the boy soon become ruler when he turns thirteen (Historical Note: In 1620 Louis XIII would already be 19 years old but for purposes of this game he is only 9 years old). Until that time, his mother Marie de’ Medici will act as Regent. Many both without and within see this as an opportunity to seize the throne of France whether through usurping it directly or become a ‘trusted’ adviser.

Many smaller nations also dot the borders of France and remain outside its rule. Individually they are not powerful enough to pose a threat. However, they frequently used as havens by known spies of other powers fleeing from France’s grasp should they be discovered. Further complicating Frances unification is the lack of common language for all of its inhabitants. While French is the official language, the further one travels from Paris, the less likely to encounter one that speaks it as the tongue can be come Spainish, German, Italian, or half a dozen other dialects or languages.

While most associate Spain with the Inquisition, Grand Inquisitor Sebastian Michaelis operates in France. It is not an uncommon sight for entire villages to be burned and dozens of “witches” burned at the stake.

Points of Interest

Paris The capital of France in some ways much of Europe. It has a population of nealy 400,000 people.


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