The Last Wanderers of Solomon Kane

Skull of Darkness

In their efforts to defeat a company of slavers, the Wanderers learn something of the strange curse that aflicts the society.

Date: February 18, 1621
Location: The jungle-swamp north of the Kongo River

The Wanderers On-hand:
Sir Barnabas Ridd, English Backwater Noble
Captain William MacLeod, Scottish Merchant Marine
Amelius Estaba, English Knife Throwing Rogue
Lyubov Kolbasy, Russian Circus Strongman
Anastasia Grunov, Russian Noble Sorceress
Friedrick ?????, Bavarian Witch-hunter

Lybov had carved a swathe through men to reach the slaver boss with his giant steel axe stained crimson. The Russian made wide arcs with his weapon cleaving flesh like farmers reap wheat. The slaver boss held his ground shouting at his men to bring down the berserker as his white knuckles clenched his loaded musket. Before the he could even ready a shot, he found the strongman followed by his furious bear engaging him in melee. The slaver boss darted back and raised his musket to parry the heavy axe as Lybov brought it down in a powerful swing arc. The axe sundered the weapon has it flayed open the slaver boss. Continuing in a single sweeping motion, the Russian swept the mighty weapon about him killing another slaver and knocking down a third. Lybov released a powerful roar equal to that of a bear causing a handful of the slavers to drop their weapon and flee in a panic. Frederick with a calm hand from dozens of battles in experience aimed his wheellock pistol at the nearest slaver and fired bring the villain down with a thunderclap of the weapon. Amelius threw a volley of his knives before tumbling into the fray. The English rogue acrobatically spun around his opponent tricked by the scoundrel’s lame gait. Sir Barnabas Ridd found hisself surrounded by three of the cruel slavers as they tried to hack at his with cutlasses. However, none of the low dogs could push past the backwater noble’s sword and shield. On the opposite side of the field, Captain McLeod faced two the brutal slavers as he attempted to keep his fellow Wanderers from being overwhelmed. Amelius quickly stabbed one of the slavers in the back before he could finish his attack on the Scottish marine. The over fell under the Scot’s own blade. Both Amelius and Captain Macleod rushed to aid Sir Ridd who had wounded two of the slavers. The still standing slavers made a quick sweep of the battlefield noting their leader had been crushed and most their allies fallen threw down their swords and fell to their knees begging for their lives.
“Please, please ye masters, have mercy on ‘ur wretched hides!” explaimed on the Englsih brigands. He was murmured in French, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, and even German. Clearly, these slavers were a diverse lot. Czarina Anastasia and her hand maiden had just finished freeing the mistreated and battered slaves as the fight ended. Her faced was filled with some concern as she looked over the malnourished and overworked Africans. Even with food, water, and proper healing some would not survive. She, along with Sir Ridd, began to ease the imprisoned natives who looked to have been force marched for weeks. Their wrists, ankles, and necks caked with rust-colored old blood from the shackles and nasty welts from where the slaver’s whip left its indelible mark upon their now frail bodies.
Lybov and Amelius were in agreement to kill the still living slavers as they deserved far worst for what they had done. These were not men as they cruelty was well beyond anything that could call itself human. Frederick offered that they may have useful information to the location of Kurtz’s compound. The still livening men quickly offered up they could take the Wanderers to Kurtz with uncalled for enthusiasm. Captain MacLeod had a better idea.
“We will take a guide to find Kurtz, but we only have need of one.” With that, the merchant marine plunged one of the discarded cutlasses into the ground in front the slaver who spoke. The other Wanderers stepped back to form a circle around the flesh peddlers. The slavers each looked at each other for a brief moment unsure what to do. Their treacherous instinct quickly whispered to each villain to take up a weapon and murder their former comrades. Inside the circle the worst of men turned on each other like hungry rats. The battle royal ended nearly as quickly as it started with only one survivor. A young English pirate, who had been dazed by the Russian’s axe in the first battle and had taken a bad cut to the ribs in the battle royal.

Date: January 1, 1621
Location: The Colony of Marias d’Tarascon

The Wanderers returned from the ancient Atlantean cemetery with a hollow feeling. They had stopped Marcel Tarascon, but they had not destroyed the undead monster. He and his brother Jean had escaped into the nearby swamps to the east. The Wanderers knew that the foul creature of undeath could return at anytime. The Wanderers would make sure that the colony was ready next time. Sir Ridd discussed with the other Wanderers on inducting some of those who fought against the army of the undead into the ranks of the Wanderers.
The bronze rings of the Flour de Lis to Pastor Brucian, Constable Gremin, and Jabari for their efforts. Only Gremin grumbled at the prospect but accepted. They would be the sentinels charged with fighting the Tarascons when they return.
The fighting had left the colony in shambles. Much of the south of Marias d’Tarascon had been razed and burned. The colony’s numbers were less than a third of what it was a month ago. Most of the men were dead or fled never to return. Despite the grim future ahead of the colony, the food stores where never touched and much of wine remained. After the dead had been removed and burned in the south field, the colony would honor those who fought with song and drink.

Date: January 15, 1621
Location: The Colony of Marias d’Tarascon

The Wanderers and colonists had recovered and re-fortified the inn returning much of the building back into the old colonial factory it once was when it was first built. A light palisade had been erected around the inn and would serve as the foundation to a better fortification should any army living or dead seek to destroy the colony.
The Wanderers had recovered themselves from their wounds and felt if Marcel was to return soon, he would have already. Anastasia taught Pastor Burcian how to read the Scroll of Hysoka and the other Wanderers prepared Gremin and Jabari. The Wanderers left Marias d’Tarascon with only the surviing marines and sailors they brought with them. They in good conscience, take any men to fill their losses upon the Radiance. They left Simon VanHadley to study the cemetery and help in the rebuilding as his talents as a healer would be a great boon. The Radiance’s hold was also light on equipment donated to the colony. The Wanderers knew that the mining of the loadstone would take considerably longer without it.
Before the Radiance left, Jabari gave the Wanderers a rough map of the mountains up the River Kongo. She informed the others which tribes in that region would be likely to aid them in mining if they provided the right gift. She also marked upon the map, the places of tribes that would be unlikely to allow whites onto their territory.

Date: January 29, 1621
Location: The Ruwenzori Mountains

Anastasia’s dreams had been grow worst as the Wanders had finished selecting a mining site of for the lodestone to build the apparatus to capture the strange entity at the Gardner Farm back in England.



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