The Last Wanderers of Solomon Kane

Maisma of War (Part 1)

The Wanderers become entangeled in a murder mystery to ramifactions beyond thier imgainations.

Date: December 26, 1620
Location: The Slave Coast of Africa

The Wanderers On-hand:
Sir Barnabas Ridd, English Backwater Noble
Captain William MacLeod, Scottish Merchant Marine
Amelius Estaba, English Knife Throwing Rogue
Lyubov Kolbasy, Russian Circus Strongman
Anastasia Grunov, Russian Noble Sorceress
Friedrick ?????, Bavarian Witch-hunter

The weather at sea had changed from endless blue of sky and water to a shroud of gray as a fog set in and never lifted. It had been days since any upon the Radianace had seen the sun. Despite the month of winter the temperature remained much like when the Wanderers left England.




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