The Last Wanderers of Solomon Kane use the Savage Worlds Deluxe as core system.

In the autumn 1620, the landless wanderer puritan hero Solomon Kane died at the All Saints Monastery in Devonshire England. While one man’s journey has ended, those lives he touched and changed have taken the charge the battle against the forces of evil. They will fight on every dark corner of the world from the darkest jungles of Africa and South America to the Himalayan mountains. Where darkness dwells their righteous light will shine upon it staving off the oppressive terror of this savage world. These are the stories of the Wanderers those who where bronze rings of the Fleur De Lis to signify their commitment to Solomon Kane’s legacy. Guided by a strange and powerful Africa Ju-Ju man named N’Longa, these heroes seek out what most men flee from in the name of Justice.

The Story so Far. . .
In the Wanderers first adventure as a party, the group was asked to investigate a farm that had strange falling star land and recently none of the residents have been seen. The Wanderers discovered in fact that the fallen star a.k.a ‘Angel Stone’ was actually a capsule for a creature not of Heaven nor Earth. The entity from space was composed nearly entirely of energy and color and completely intangible. The Wanderers learned from the notes of a necromancer that creature could be trapped with an giant apparatus that focuses large amounts of lodestone into a prison. The amount of lodestone needed could only be found in a few places on Earth and would cost a king’s ransom to purchase.

The Wanderers have also come into possession of volume of an evil book known as the Liber Varago. The book itself has been separated into several volumes and cast among the four winds. Why this was done was unknown, but what is known is the frightful knowledge of these tomes. The book contains stories of monsters so exact in detail as to be real and is a great aid in the fight for Justice. However, there almost seems as if their is a malicious presence within the tome with an agenda of its own.

Note: Anyone that wandered into this campaign and his actually reading the Adventure Log. These are short story versions of the actual game. There has been quite a bit of dramatic license taken with description, but most of the action taken by the characters are what really happened. Including the Wanderers that died.

The Last Wanderers of Solomon Kane

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