New Hindrances

Accursed (Major)
A black curse follows an accursed hero wherever he goes. Fate never seems to give the poor sap an even break. A character with this Hindrance didn’t graduate from the school of hard knocks—he keeps getting held back!
The Game Master draws an additional Benny at the start of a session to specifically be used against the player character.

Blackmailed (Major)
Your character is being blackmailed by another person or organization. As long as the hero plays ball with them the secret is safe, but he doesn’t, the secret is out. The payment of this blackmail isn’t always money, sometimes it is favors or worst. This hindrance is a combination of Dark Secret and Enemy. The points indicate both the level of the secret and power that the enemy holds over your character. Sometimes a minor secret is held by a powerful organization capable spreading it far and wide. Conversely, a big secret could know by a small time hood.

Cold One (Major)
Cold ones have no body warmth and shaking their hand is akin to the grasp of a corpse. Most folk become cold ones after a near death experience or a near still birth. Their skin has a blue tinged and looks like it is a freshly dead. Most of these folk are confused with harrowed and end up shot for their troubles while others are just burned at the stake for being just plain unnatural.
Your character looks like they are dead and give off no body heat. You are always cold and wrap in thick coats in nearly all but the hottest of weather. Just because they can’t feel temperature doesn’t mean they are immune to the cold. In fact, you don’t know when get out of the cold and suffer no penalties to cold weather (until dead anyhow). They suffer a -2 to all Agility checks and the character is sluggish most of the time needing at least 10 hours of sleeps. They also suffer a -2 to all animal related rolls. If that wasn’t bad enough they suffer double wound penalties for fire/heat caused damage. If the Cold One does not under go some sort of treatment or therapy at least weekly (a tepid bath, a special tea, etc.)they fatigued. If the character ever falls Incapacitated from this, they must make a Vigor roll per day or die. On the plus side, these characters need to eat and drink half as much as normal folk and undead tend to ignore them. They even can shut down their emotions gaining a +2 to resist all test of wills checks. Oddly, the effects of cold still effect them normally.

Cursed (Minor/Major)
Your hero is the victim of a curse. Whether he crossed paths with angry gypsies or stolen an object from an Indian burial ground. The Game Master should pick the proper curse from the give method it was placed upon the hero as well as what tasks must be preformed to lift the curse. The amount of points this Hindrance is worth depends on how often and how severe the curse is. If the character ever performs the tasks prescribed by the curse (for instance returns the cursed Aztec coin to its rightful place) the Cursed Hindrance is removed.

Dark Secret (Minor)
Your character has a secret that is discovered could be quite embarrassing to extremely deadly to the hero if it is found out. Typically if it is discovered the character will suffer a -2 to their Charisma. You will have to work it out the details about the dark secret with the Game Master.

Delicate (Minor)
Your character cannot tolerate extreme temperatures, starvation, and dehydration as well as most. When fatigued for things other than sleep, exertion, or magic, your character suffers a the -2 penalty instead of the -1.

Deserter/Mutineer (Minor)
Your character left an army, navy, or service and is now hiding from the retribution. If the character is ever found out, they suffer a -2 penalty to Charisma checks for those who care about those things. If that was bad enough, there’s probably a bounty on your head for your actions. You’re aware they hang deserters.

Destitute (Major)
You are broke, nearly out of money. Maybe they were robbed, gambled and drank it all away, or have massive debts to pay. Maybe they never had anything to begin with.
The character starts with game with £0.50 to buy starting gear rather than the normal £5.00. Additionally, the character only keeps 25% maximum of any treasure or pay collected reflecting paying debts, carousing, or even miser-like saving.

Easily Tired (Minor)
Your character becomes fatigued faster than most people. When fatigued, they automatically are a -2 skipping past the -1 level of Fatguie. This only counts against exertion and lack of sleep.

Forsaken (Major)
Your character has bee forsaken by fate itself. You get no Bennies at the start of a game session. You may still earn them through role playing or other means during the game.

Gullible (Minor)
Your character is easily tricked by others. They have a hard time telling the difference from truth and fiction. Your character suffers a -2 check to Notice to determine if someone is lying or pulling a fast one.

Haunted (Minor/Major)
The character is tormented by a restless spirit. The character cannot be rid of the ghost and worse yet the spirit in angry at the haunted character.
Work out the details with the Game Master depending on who powerful the spirit is and how often it interferes with the character’s life depending on if this is a Minor or Major Hindrance.

Heavy Sleeper (Minor)
You must subtract -2 from your hero’s Notice rolls made to wake up in an emergence or when some bandit is sneaking up on him. He usually oversleeps.

Lecherous (Minor)
If your hero is a man, he’s well-known in every local bordello. Polite society thinks he’s a pig, and “respectable” women avoid him like the plague. The lecherous hero has a -4 to any charisma rolls made to influence these types.
If your character is a woman, all other women, respectable or not, call her all sorts of unpleasant names. She suffers the same modifier as a man around polite society (rare as that may be!) but other men might treat her differently, especially if the two of them are alone. Your heroine may never gain any real respect from “respectable folk” or be able to hold a position of authority if her sordid past becomes known.
On the plus side, a female with this Hindrance actually gains +2 to any persuasion rolls she makes to seduce a fellow. This can have its own consequences, of course, but it can be really handy in distracting guards.

Monster Magnet (Major)
You attract things that go bump in the night to come after you and those around you. Any encounters with monsters attract more (both in number and occurrence) than would normally be expected. So if the Game Master was going to have 10 zombies attack the party, now she has 12 and the extra two attacks the monster magnet hero. Also anytime a creature is randomly chosen to attack a character they almost always pick your wanderer.

Mute (Minor)
Your hero can’t talk. Maybe he got his tongue ripped out, or maybe he just doesn’t have anything to since the he sea something man was not meant to know. Whatever the reason, your character can never speak. He must communicate through hand or other gestures or writing.

Lying Eyes (Minor)
Your character can’t tell a lie to save his life. Because of this, he suffers a -4 to his Persuasion, Gambling, or similar rolls whenever he tries to mislead, deceive, or even omit the truth from others. Maybe his eyes twitch or he wrings his hand. Whatever he does, it’s a dead giveaway.

Short Tempered (Minor)
Your character has a short temper that gets her in trouble most of the time. She explodes at the slightest things. If that wasn’t bad enough, your character suffers a -2 to resist test of wills check versus of Taunt.

Speech Impediment (Minor)
Your character stutters or has a lisp or some other speech impediment. This causes them no end of heartache as others gain a +2 to their Taunt checks to the character. Additionally, under stressful situations, it makes the character difficult to understand.

Squeamish (Minor)
Guts checks caused by blood, gore, other grotesque spectacles are made at -2. Your hero isn’t necessarily more afraid of monsters or even carnage, he just he has a weak stomach that wants to get in on the action and spew some food at the scene.

Superstitious (Minor)
Your character believes in superstitions and tries to live his life by signs and omens of portent. You should check out a book of superstitions from your local library to help you roleplay this Hindrance.

Thin Skinned (Major)
Your character has a low threshold for pain. He receives an additional -1 penalty on would modifiers.

New Hindrances

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