House Rules

Called Shot: Legs
By attacking the legs of an opponent, the attacker forces an Agility roll or be knocked Prone. Prone characters use half their Pace to stand up.

Duel Wielding
A character wielding two melee weapons that cause Str+d8 damage or have a Minimum Strength of d8 suffer a -1 Parry if they attack with both weapon in the same round. This does not include weapons that require two hands (which would suffer a -4 to each in addition to all other applicable penalties). The character does not suffer the Parry penalty if: they attack with only one of the Str+d8 or use a smaller (Str+d6 or less) weapon in their other hand.

Great Swords
Great swords may negate 1 point of reach from weapons with the Reach aspect (spears, pikes).

In Media Res
Sometimes an adventure will start in media res. When this happens, the players receive an additional Benny to help in those situations.

Jack of All Trades
Characters with this Edge also receive an additional +1 to their Common Knowledge rolls. This reflects their wide range of subjects they have picked up during their lives.

Pistol Whipping
Pistols cause Str+1 damage and are considered improvised weapons. Like all improvised weapons, they cause the character to be considered armed.

Rapiers cause Str+d4+1 damage instead of the normal Str+d4. This is to reflect the prominence of the weapon of the weapon during this ear while not increasing the minimum strength to wield it effectively.

Test of Wills
The +2 bonus can be yielded by the character that initiated the Test of Wills to another character who is within 6" of the him or her. The 6" can be waved if the two characters have planned this, worked together or both have the common bond Edge.

House Rules

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