Beasts and Monsters

This is a list of the beasts, creatures, monsters, and spirits the Wanderers have encountered.

Animated Hand
Animated hands are human hands that have been given necromantic life of their own by sorcerer who amputated their own hand for such power. The hand is enchanted with strength beyond normal men and is capable of crushing throats with ease. Once removed the hand cannot be reattached to the caster.

Blood Mist Ghost
Drained of everything in life the spirit of these desperate men and women seek revenge by sapping the vary life blood of its victim. Normally an insubstantial blood red mist, the spirit manifests with a physical presence after sucking blood from thin tendrils that coil around the victim draining the blood with small thorn-like punctures. The puncture marks, combined with the blood loss yield the appearance similar to a vampire.

Colour of Outer Space
These alien creatures are composed of no physical form yet feed upon the land and life near to it. The entity drains the color from the land and mutates plants and and maddens animals and men while developing. Fortunately, the colour has little to no mobility and can affected by lodestone, though, it is unknown if it can truly be destroyed.

Rodent of Unusual Size
While it is still unknown if this is a natural phenomenon, rats who feed upon the sorcerous blood of witches can become colossal in size compared to even the largest of other rats comparable in size to small horses. The giant rat also develops a continued taste for human blood, and due to its size, has little fear of man.

Beasts and Monsters

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