Antiquarian: The antiquarian is interested in ancient artifacts, especially those alleged to contain strange powers. Whether they are relics of long-dead saints or ju-ju fetishes, the antiquarian isn’t afraid to explore new lands in search of powerful and mysterious objects.

Bandit: The world of Solomon Kane is a harsh one, and banditry is rife. A bandit may be a former solder fallen n on hard times, a gentleman highwayman who only robs those who can afford his price, an outcast forced to live outside society who must take by force what he needs to survive, or simply a spineless cur who preys on the weak to save himself from having to work.

Cavalryman: Even with the advent or firearms the standard cavalryman is destructive force on the battlefield. Perhaps he is a knight grasping for old glory of the past of the crusades or a soldier who has seen too much war.

Charlatan: Using ignorance and superstition to their advantage the charlatan knows sleight of hand magic and often sell ‘magical’ trinkets. They are often on the move as their trade is at risk by lynch mobs as well as the church.

Detective: The actions of detectives are borne out of the desire to bring to the end of law breakers. Some detectives are intense and dedicated while other approach case in an intellectual matter.

Dragoon: Use of gunpowder in war in Europe had propelled new tactics forward. The Dragoon is mounted infantry using a musket from horse back for increased speed and range.

Duelist: The preferred method of demanding satisfaction among the well to do is through the duel. Many men have taken the thrill of life and death to heart and seek out skilled swordsmen to fight on the field of honor by pistol or sword.

Escaped Slave: The colonial powers have transported many slaves to the New World to work on the plantations and in the mines. Life is very hard, and more than a few run away to seek a better life elsewhere.

Explorer: The powers of the Old World are stretching their influence across the continents. Many explorers are known to be roaming the lands, mapping features and searching fro new wonders. Great fame and fortune awaits those who reveal the blank regions of the map.

Former Cultist: Even with the Spanish Inquisition in full swing, many religious cults are forming and gaining power. Many are broken up by the church and others simple dissolve after its members become disillusioned.

Hunter: In many cultures, hunting is still the primary method of food acquisition. Often operating alone, these trackers are more at home in the wilderness than in the cities.

Inquisitor: The Inquisition was founded to seek out heresy, witchcraft, and other such Devilry. Inquisitors are often driven by intense religious zeal, and use questionable methods to extract confessions before they “purify” their victims in a funeral pyre.

Inventor: Even coming off the heels of the Renaissance, many inventors are still active across Europe. Knowledge is going with leaps and bound using science and better technology.

Medium: The medium is a tortured soul, for the burden of his powers is great. Borne with innate magical divinations they both blessed and cursed. Some have accepted this power and have honed while other are reluctant to use it out of fear they are tapping into something beyond their control.

Merchant: The land blockade of the great Ottoman Empire has forced the European nations to seek new trade routes to the Indies and Cathay. Part explorer and part sailor, merchants are among the first to visit these new lands and encounter the wonders—and horrors—which dwell there.

Missionary: The European powers all consider the natives of the new worlds to be Godless savages. The missionary is dedicated to enlightening the natives and teaching them the ways of civilization.

Musketeer: The advances in musketry have revolutionized European warfare and are largely responsible for the demise of the armored knight. While a soldier must close with his foe, the musketeer dispatches his enemies at range, and with weapons that penetrate even metal armor with ease.

Native: The lands of the white man now treads were not previously empty wastelands. Indigenous peoples have inhabited them since time immemorial. Although Europeans consider them primitive, the natives are at one with the natural world, and are fierce and savage warriors.

Noble: Whether, a European noble with land and a castle, or a native princess, a noble is from the upper echelons of her society.

Officer: Leaders of fighting men, whether at sea or on land. They are usually given their commission due to their wealth or birth, or more rarely earn their position by rising ‘through the ranks.”

Penitent: The penitent seeks atonement for some earthy sin, hopping she can redeem herself before the Reaper comes to claim her soul.

Physician: Most physicians have sworn an oath to ease the pains of man at every opportunity, and further, cause no harm to a patient. Some travel the world with this vow.

Pirate: True pirates are thieves looking to rich off the hard-earned fortunes of others. Most are able seaman of course, but aren’t necessarily good fighters. Pirates rarely attack crews who can fight back, preferring to prey on the weak for easy plunder instead.

Pistoleer: Trained in the use of firearms specifically pistols these men are deadly marksmen. Some come from nobility and the wealth and time to prefect the art other from desperation and luck to become so skilled.

Privateer: Those who hunt pirates with official commissions from rulers of shipping organizations are called privateers. Thiers is a dangerous job, for pirates fear the noose and rarely surrender without of fight.

Qabalist: The qabalist is a member of secret societies called qabals who studies the forbidden art of magic and the occult. Great care must be kept to guard this secret and protect her order or she could find herself hunted by both the Inquisition and her qabal.

Sailor: Mankind has sailed the seas since the days of antiquity. There are many strange things living in the ocean, and it is not without reason sailors are considered superstitious bunch.

Shaman: Magic is a real and potent force in the world, yet it requires the practitioner to walk a line between light and darkness. Shamans, also known as witchdoctors or ju-ju men, invoke their powers through spirits, whether ancestral, elemental, or from some darker plane of existence.


Sorcerer: The sorcerer is the Western equivalent of the tribal shaman. They are not fantasy-type wizards but instead work their will through rituals and charms. Some invoke angelic powers; others walk a darker road and traffic with unholy spirits.

Spy: Nations have always spied on their rivals, seeking to unlock their secrets, uncover their weaknesses, and thwart potential aggressors with advanced knowledge of their plans. The spy relies on her wits and guile to infiltrate other lands.

Swordsman: A swordsman may be a bully or show off, using his skills for his own ends, or a protector of the weak, willing to lay down his life for a noble and just cause. Some prefer flashy styles, other like Kane, are functional (yet deadly) in their swordplay.

Traveling Performer: Across Europe are wandering acting troupes, circuses, and even the occasional minstrel. They entertain for their living and some have tales of many a strange thing.

Treasure Hunter: Rumors of vast treasure hordes—such as that of the fabled city of El Dorado or the lost mines of King Solomon—are common. Those who gain some clue to their location search the world relentlessly for these treasures.

Thief: As long as there are objects that man covets, there will e thieves. Some are simple muggers while others are skilled cat burglars stealing for the thrill.

Vengeant: The vengeant has been driven to seek revenge for some wrong done against her or her loved ones. She may perhaps have lost a friend to the Inquisition, been falsely imprisoned by a corrupt noble, or suffered at the hand of some unnatural beast. Her lust for revenge knows no bounds.

Warrior: Warriors may be simple barbaric fighters or trained solders. Armed with spear and shield and decorated with war paint, or sword and musket and dressed in armor, they defend their people against vicious beats and marauders, and wage war against their nation’s rivals.


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