Sometimes called cuir bouilli, it consists of thick leather, boiled in water (or sometimes oil and wax). The boiling causes the leather to become tougher and able to protect the wearer. The leather remains flexible for a short time after boiling, allowing it to be molded into larger plates.
Armor: 1 Cost: 1.00 Weight: 15 Notes: Covers torso, arms, legs

Light Chainmail Vest
Armor: 1 Cost: 2.00 Weight: 8 Notes: Covers torso, concealable

Chainmail Tunic
Armor: 2 Cost: 2.50 Weight: 18 Notes: Covers torso

Chain Hauberk (long coat)
Armor: 2 Cost: 3.00 Weight: 25 Note: Covers torso, arms, legs

Armor: 3 Cost: 5.00 Weight: 25 Note: Covers torso

Plate Arms (Vambrace)
Armor: 3 Cost: 2.00 Weight: 10 Note: Covers arms

Plate Leggings (Greaves)
Armor: 3 Cost: 3.00 Weight: 15 Note: Covers legs

Full Platemail
Armor: 3 Cost: 10.00 Weight: 50 Note: Covers torso, arms, legs

Pot Helm (Spanish Style)
Armor: 3 Cost: 0.50 Weight: 4 Note: 50% chance of protecting head shot

Great Helm
Armor: 3 Cost: 1.00 Weight: 8 Note: Covers head

Small Shield
Cost: 0.50 Weight: 8 Notes: +1 Parry

Medium Shield
Cost: 1.00 Weight: 12 Notes: +2 Parry, +2 Armor vs. Ranged

Large Shield
Cost: 2.00 Weight: 20 Notes: +2 Parry, +4 Armor vs. Ranged


Most items listed from Solomon Kane GM Sheet on Pinnacle Downloads Page:

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