The Last Wanderers of Solomon Kane

Red Vengeance

The Wanders travel to Torkertown to collect the bounty on Jolly Rodger only to discover a plague in the town is more than it seems

28th of November in the year of our Lord 1620
Location: Torkertown, England

The Wanderers On-hand:
Sir Barnabas Ridd, English Backwater Noble
Captain William MacLeod, Scottish Merchant Marine
Amelius Estaba, English Knife Throwing Rogue
Lyubov Kolbasy, Russian Circus Strongman
Anastasia Grunov, Russian Noble Sorceress

The Wanderers were glad and many smiled as they saw the small community of Torkertown. After the strange night they spent in the woods after the excution of the Jolly Rodger, they were happy knowing this night would be in a warm bed at the inn. Winter was already there in England this year and the air chilled through to the vary bone. Only the events of midnight chilled the Wanderers further.




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