The Last Wanderers of Solomon Kane

The Hand of Doom

On the trail of Rodigero "Jolly Rodger" Ovando, the Wanderers face revenge from beyond the grave

24th of November in the year of our Lord 1620
Location: London, England

The Wanderers On-hand:
Sir Barnabas Ridd, English Backwater Noble
Captain William MacLeod, Scottish Merchant Marine
Amelius Estaba, English Knife Throwing Rogue
Lyubov Kolbasy, Russian Circus Strongman
Anastasia Grunov, Russian Noble Sorceress

Harmonis Quill have mostly recovered from time imprisonment at the Bethlam Hospital while the Wanderers secured and readied their ship, The Radiance. Quill had been cared for by Aanastasia’s hand maiden who had comforted the poor man’s mind from the horrors he had endured at the hospital and the loss of his young wife, Thessa. The Wanderers were eager to be traveling and hoped that the pirate Roderigo “Jolly Rodger” Ovando had not traveled beyond their reach.



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